We create elegant, engaging and high-performing websites

Our expertise ranges from creative design to full-stack web development.

Creative Web Design

By understanding your brand and target audience, we approach your website project with a focus on creativity, usability, and conversions. We enjoy collaborating with our clients all through the design process —from wireframes to high fidelity design mockups.

Web Development

We build cutting edge websites that encompass the latest technology. Having designers and developers under the same roof ensures that design flawlessly meets technical execution. Our sites not only look great, they also work perfectly across all of your devices. There's nothing we can't build.

Wordpress CMS

We love Wordpress. In fact, we’re so confident in our abilities we consider ourselves as one of Montreal’s top WordPress development teams. Using our custom made toolkit, we build bespoke WordPress websites quickly without relying on hundreds of plugins. Because it’s completely customizable, we can use it for almost anything you throw at us.

Website Pricing

Bronze website

Starting at $1,000

A fully-functional site built with our custom-made template.

$350 per additional pages.

Perfect for starters :

  • Personal informational site
  • Small company site
  • Blogging

Silver website

Starting at $2,500

Need a special touch to stand out more ?
Or maybe your website requires a special ability ?

We’ll adapt our theme to your needs visually and make it work the way you want.

$350 per additional pages.

Best for :

  • Branding requires a higher personalization of the design
  • Some kind of custom functionality is needed

Gold website

Starting at $8,000

We will build your website from scratch. Custom-made to fit your specific needs.

We will undergo a design phase where you’ll participate in the visual creation of your website.

$350 per additional pages.

Best for :

  • High-end design
  • Advanced features needed
  • Focus on performance and usability

Platinum website

$35,000 +

You need to build the next big thing ?
We’ve done it and we’ll do it for you.

With our advanced skills, we can bring your vision to reality.

$350 per additional pages.

Best for :

  • High fidelity design
  • Many advanced custom features
  • High amount of content
  • Very specific usability needs

E-Commerce Pricing

Bronze eComm

Starting at $2,000

You have something to sell, and are serious about having a long-term solution that works ?

We will build an eCommerce with our hand-crafted template.

$350 per additional pages.

Best for :

  • New businesses
  • Small amount of products

Silver eComm

Starting at $3,500

You are ready for the next step in e-commerce.

We’ll customize our shop template to reflect your branding.

$350 per additional pages.

Best for :

  • Your shop needs a special look.
  • You are shipping to multiple regions
  • No plugins can do what you need, and needs a special behaviour.

Gold eComm

Starting at $9,000

Handling a lot of products and variations ?

We will make a custom design and make your shop rock solid for handling a lot of products.

$350 per additional pages.

Best for :

  • Competition with same niche website
  • High-fidelity design
  • Advanced functionalities

Platinum eComm

$36,000 +

You have a never before seen vision for your shop ?

We’ll work with you to build a shop from scratch with any bespoke needs you can think of.

With our experience, you’ll get what technology was meant for.

We will create every tool that makes running your business in a more efficient way.

Best for :

  • High-level businesses in need of a new site or a complete revamp
  • Built with future expansions in mind
  • Extended competition analysis during conception